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Kazumi was born in Hiroshima Japan. After graduating high school she attended university and became a school teacher. Feeling unfulfilled with her career she moved to New York City in 2001, intent on learning how to make sushi and become a chef. Being a woman, in 2001 it was extremely hard to become a sushi chef in New York City. And it was an impossibility in Japan. And it still is to this day. After a lot of perseverance, smooth talk, and hard work she got a job at the famous Ushiwakamaru in the East Village NYC. Under the direction of Hideo Kurihara, she learned the fine art of making sushi the correct way, the Japanese way. In 2009 Kazumi and her husband John decided to move to Portland Oregon. Since living in Portland Kazumi has worked at Masu and Bamboo. After working at Bamboo for 3 years John convinced her to open her own sushi cart. After some persuading, a sushi cart named Kazumi was born. John originally from Philadelphia, also works with Kazumi every day and helps to bring their delicious sushi to Saint Johns. 

Chef Kazumi doing what she does best.
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